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Medical Sciences Institute, Dundee University
Medical Sciences Institute, Dundee University
CLIENT: University of Dundee
ARCHITECT: Wellwood Leslie Architects
M&E Value: £2.5m
Laboratories > Research

1) Human Genetics Unit, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
2) Drug Testing Laboratories, Grangemouth
3) Medical Sciences Institute, University of Dundee
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A major refurbishment of three floors of one of the University’s flagship life sciences research buildings.  

The project involves complete new general laboratory areas, tissue culture suites, cold rooms, constant temperature rooms, microscope rooms and a number of special facilities for particular research requirements such as an algae culture room and a fly room.

The project also includes the complete replacement of much of the central plant for cooling and air handling systems which must be achieved while maintaining the operation of the remainder of the building served by this plant.  

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