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Liberton Kirk Edinburgh
Liberton Kirk Edinburgh
CLIENT: The Congregation and The Church of Scotland
ARCHITECT: Gray Marshall & Associates
M&E Value: £105K

1) Marchmont St Giles, Edinburgh
2) St Mary's RC Cathedral
3) Corstorphine Old Parish Church
4) Liberton Kirk, Edinburgh
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A major improvement to the church interior was required, partly to make it brighter and more vibrant and partly to address practical matters such as disabled access and changes to the way in which the church is used.  

Alterations to the pews were made, which required matching alterations to the heating installations.   A complete upgrade of the electrical and lighting installations was carried out too.  

The lighting scheme designed by Irons Foulner had to address several requirements.   There were the obvious aspects such as providing good levels of lighting and access for maintenance, but in addition to this there was the need for the lighting to make a statement about the church’s new bright interior.  Special new light fittings were designed for the project, some of which raise and lower to allow re-lamping and cleaning.

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